YUMESUHADA Emollient Cream
〈Nourishing cream〉30g × 1 piece

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Product Description

Just a touch and you will have smooth, white, and translucent skin. With 13 highly effective moisturizing beauty ingredients, and lactoferrin, which is a great antibacterial, antioxidation, and prompting cell proliferation, giving new skin firmness, this product is highly recommended to fight dullness and small wrinkles. It is suitable as a moisturizer as well as light make-up foundation.


On areas that are especially dry, pay special attention and gently massage the cream into the skin. Use before bedtime as a moisturizer, and during daytime as a lotion and light make-up base. Also can be used as a light make-up foundation

Key Beauty Ingredients

Lactoferrin, Hyaluronic acid, Scutellaria root extract, Pueraria lobata root extract, Placenta extract, Vitamin C derivatives, Ceramide, Allantoin, Oil-soluble Licorice extract, Squalene, Natural Vitamin E, Water-soluble collagen, Fermented Soybean extract

Mild in acidity, fragrance free, and no additive coloring