Kyoto Maiko Diet Curry
〈Retort food〉200g × 10 piece

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Product Description

A maiko curry with a rich and delicious taste born from traditional Kyoto techniques and food culture. An original curry made from Kyoto vegetables and chicken with a tomato base. This diet curry which realized 92 kcal in one bag. Raw materials manufactured in Japan. No preservatives or synthetic colors.

How to eat

When warming with hot water: Put the pouch in hot water for 3-5 minutes without breaking the seal.

In the case of microwave oven / Always transfer to a deep container and wrap to warm.

- Please do not heated in a microwave oven remains of the pouch.

- Do not use the auto (automatic warming) function.

- The heating time varies depending on the model.

Raw material name

Vegetables (cabbage, onion), chicken, shimeji, tomato juice, chicken extract, tomato puree, starch, chutney, saute onion, flour, cumin, ginger, curry powder, sugar, salt, grated garlic, red wine, coriander, Yeast extract, paprika, cardamom, Uji matcha powder, cloves (including some wheat, chicken, apples)

Preservation method

Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity, please store at room temperature.

Nutritional information (200g per bag)

・Energy 92 kcal

・Protein 5.8g

・Fat quality 0.8g

・Carbohydrate 15.2g

・Food equivalent 2.3g

*This product was jointly developed by the famous curry specialty store "OSAMANO Spoon" and Medesina Pharmaceutical.

*This product is a retort pouch food. No preservatives are used, so enjoy as soon as possible.

*The raw materials are made only in Japan

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