Oyster extract
〈Nourishment supplement〉120 grain × 1 piece

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Product Description

"Wellstar Oyster Extract" is a oyster from Japan (Hiroshima), 100% raw oysters carefully selected under the thorough hygiene and quality control of oysters from Hiroshima prefecture that are fresh and rich in nutrients. In order to make effective use of it, we succeeded in highly concentrating raw oysters by the best method with our uniquely developed manufacturing patent (Biofilt manufacturing method). A patented manufacturing method allows direct extraction of low-molecular peptides, and 200% (2 times) the amount of natural taurine in the conventional oyster extract and 120% of natural glycogen and natural zinc, resulting in a high content (compared to our company). The formulation has improved digestion and absorption compared to conventional oyster extract, and you can feel the power up.

Ingestion method

Oyster extract is a nutraceutical supplement, so take 2 to 4 tablets daily with a glass of water or lukewarm water as a guide.

*There is no problem if you take too much of your daily intake. Please discontinue the intake of this product if it does not suit your constitution.

Main ingredients

Oyster meat extract, reduced maltose starch syrup, starch, glutinous rice, reduced starch syrup, rapeseed hydrogenated oil, cellulose, vitamin C, (thickener) gum arabic, shellac, cacao pigment

Obtained a manufacturing method patent (No. 3551366)

Low molecular weight peptides bio-filled

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