CHP BEAUTY UP〈Beauty supplement〉60 tablets × 1 piece

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Product Description

A beautiful skin supplement that contains a high content of nano ingredients (collagen and hyaluronic acid), which are popular in beauty ingredients, and placenta. It is a low molecular weight, highly absorbent and recommended for skin improvement and aging care.

Ingestion method

As a dietary supplement, in order to provide effective nutritional support, please take 2 to 4 tablets with a glass of water or lukewarm water before eating.

Main ingredients

Hydrolyzed collagen

Nano type collagen, which is now a very popular beauty ingredient. Collagen, which has a low molecular weight and increased absorbability, penetrates into the stratum corneum, has excellent moisturizing and softening effects, creates a protective film on the surface of the skin, and gives gloss.

Placenta extract

Placenta extract, which is very popular as a beauty ingredient. It contains a large amount of various vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc., and has a high moisturizing effect on the skin, and is excellent in metabolic action and melanin formation inhibiting action.

hyaluronic acid

Nano type hyaluronic acid, which is now a very popular beauty ingredient. Hyaluronic acid, which has a low molecular weight and improved absorbency, has high moisture penetration and retention, gives firmness to the skin, and keeps the skin moisturized.

*The raw materials are made only in Japan.