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Product Description

In addition to drinking prior to a meal, prepare the intestinal environment prevents the absorption of excess sugar, fat, now, is the Supplements of the topic. Supports an ideal body shape without dietary restrictions.

Ingestion method

As a dietary supplement, in order to provide effective nutritional support, please take 2 to 4 tablets with a glass of water or lukewarm water before eating.

Main ingredients

White kidney bean extract

Component that is included in the white kidney bean "Foseoramin" is, keeps track of carbohydrates turn into sugar.

L- citrulline

It is a type of amino acid that is often contained in watermelons, etc. It is a topical ingredient recommended for beauty as it improves blood flow and improves coldness and lifestyle-related diseases.


The most popular cut diet ingredient. It has the function of lowering blood sugar just by drinking. It is those with a strong ally to worry about diabetes.


By Gymnema acid, by holding down the absorption of sugar, it has the effect of suppressing the fat that. It also has an appetite suppressant effect and suppresses snacking.


Chitosan contained in the shells of crabs and shrimps prevents lipids and fatty acids from being absorbed into the body and eliminates bad cholesterol.

*The raw materials are made only in Japan.

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