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Uncompromising stance - Health from the inside by Science.
Medicina Pharmaceutical’s motto from the very beginning of establishment has garnered the highest of commendation and trust.

Medicina Pharmaceutical is a Japanese health supplements manufacturer established to pursue the fundamental need of living a healthy life. We continuously strive to use the best sources and ingredients in our products and to develop the safest and most effective of ways to create products of the highest quality in our long history. In addition, Japan has always been highly appraised of our exceptionally safe, reliable, and high quality products which are exported all over the globe.
At Medicina Pharmaceutical, where we contribute to help people live a healthy life, all the members of our staff hold firmly the principles of strict quality control and to provide the best customer service. True happiness comes from within a healthy body, with which the people of the world can then lead full and beautiful lives. We believe that to assist people in living to their fullest and brightest is the mission of Medicina Pharmaceutical.

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■Company Executives

Representative Director Yoshikazu IGARASHI
Senior Managing Director Yoshiaki IGARASHI
Director Jun IGARASHI
Director Katsuya YAMANE
Director Kosuke HORAI
Pharmacist Yoshiko Akino


Osaka Headquarter 5-8-15 Nishitenma, Kita-Ku, Osaka
TEL:06-6130-3001 FAX:06-6130-3134
Tokyo Branch 3-21-3 Minamiooi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
TEL:03-5767-4322 FAX:03-5767-4322

Osaka Plant 3-7-6 Tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka
Hiroshima Plant 2-14-13 Nishiku, Hiroshima





■Business Area

  • Functional Supplements: the Research & Development of general food materials
  • Functional Supplements: the Production & Sale of general food supplements
  • Health Supplements: the Research & Development of nutritional food materials
  • Health Supplements: the Production & Sale of Nutritional supplements
  • OEM of Functional Supplements: Production of general food supplements on the behalf of customers
  • OEM of Health Supplements: Production of nutritional supplements on the behalf of customers